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May 22, 2009
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  • Ronny Ponny commented on noahw's instructable How to Clean Your Sinuses8 months ago
    How to Clean Your Sinuses

    Hi, For years ( I'm 73yr now) I had suffered with "Catarrh" http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Catarrh/Pages/Introdu... When I was 16yr (1958) and apprentice Panelbeater , One of the old tradesmen told me to stop drinking cows milk ... Because I was forever "Snorting" all day to remove the Mucus from my Nose and Sinuses. I didn't take his advice (thinking" he is only a panelbeater, what would he know")1979 ( 21yrs later ) I went to a Specialist about my Catarrh, He sent me for a CT Scan on my Sinuses,.... showed my Left side was blocked, When I went back to him He inspected the CT and saw the Left was blocked. He then got a Cotton Bud and made 2 Wisps of cotton and placed 1 under each of my nostrils and told me to take a deep breath through my nose... He then told me that my Left Side was now clear ,... But my Right Side was blocked. This indicated that it was an "Allergy" because it changes from Left to Right etc. He said he would get in touch with my GP and recommend some Antihistamines as I walked out the door I told him of being told about drinking Milk,... He "Yes, you could try giving up Dairy foods and see how that goes", .. I didn't go back to the GP's.I went straight onto the Soy Milk .... and haven't had the Nasal problem since ( 37 yrs later). For a change, because I don't like Soy milk in Coffee... I have been using "Lactose Free Milk" with No side effects.... I can drink it by the Litre Regarding the Sinus Flush,... my sister has uses "Sinus Cleanse" ... a 200ml Squeeze bottle with a pointed Cap, with sachets of "Salt + BiCarb Soda" 1 sachet per bottle of warm water "From the Tap" and place one nostril at a time and squeeze. Everybody knows how after a swim in the Ocean's saltwater... how you clear your Nose is. I wouldn't be worried about the Tap Water... after most people Drink it without boiling it. So if you drink a lot of cows Milk .... you could try Lactose free.... And don't wait 37 yrs like I did ☺Cheers

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