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  • Roseworks commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Glow table2 years ago
    Glow table

    how deep can you cast the epoxy resin? I've been trying to find the answer online but can't seem to locate exact measurements. You said pour in layers but how thick should the layers be? How much glow powder did you mix in with however many oz's your poured at a time? As most people have, I've invested a lot of money and time in to this table... I really don't want to mess up the casting of the epoxy. Thank you for your help!

    Thank you for your reply. I'll order more and experiment. The wood I chose is the same as yours and slightly thinner than 1''. So should I be safe in just pouring in the voids all at once or should I layer? I'll definitely post pictures when I'm done. I went with 2"x26" cypress legs. It was an added cost but looks remarkable for the coffee table I'm making.

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