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  • RussH25 commented on Hazard™'s instructable Cracking Single Dial Combination Locks2 years ago
    Cracking Single Dial Combination Locks

    "" OK, dyslexics UNTIE!!! :P

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  • RussH25 commented on iminthebathroom's instructable Rhubarb Champagne2 years ago
    Rhubarb Champagne

    Yeah, "Relaxed and happy" cuz she is HAMMERED! :P

    It seems about 90% of the 2-legged cattle are ILLiterate today. Of course the unwashed masses don't care. In their alleged minds, quantity trumps QUALITY. BTW, NEVER use PLASTIC when fermenting, as it leaches the POISON in the plastic out into the beverage. Glass is a more natural product, and should always be used. I started making this a few mos. ago and it is simply delicious. I wish I had thought about it when I lived in Kelowna and always had a ton of rhubarb every Spring. Sometimes I add GINGER to it b/c I like it a bit spicy. I now make my own ACVinegar too. I also add HOT peppers from my garden to the ACV. Use your imagination folks. There are no hard and fast rules in the kitchen, when it comes to ingredients.

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