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  • Ruthalas commented on bekathwia's instructable Solar Engraving1 month ago
    Solar Engraving

    The tape she is using is aluminum tape. Duct tape or vinyl would work poorly as masking materials because they would be burned and distorted by the focused light. The aluminum tape works because it reflects the light.You could probably find some (very thin) aluminum sheeting to cut in your Cricut though!

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  • Ruthalas commented on matstermind's instructable Chimera: $60 DLP High-Res 3D Printer1 year ago
    Chimera: $60 DLP High-Res 3D Printer

    Excellent. Thank you.What about the pins that aren't labelled ground, but simply terminate in the board? Should those be ignored, or grounded?The easydriver pins called 'ENABLE', 'RST', 'PFD', and 'SLP', for example.

    Hey, it's been ages since you offered this help, but I have a question about this step.I etched a board based off of matstermind's Eagle files, but I subsequently realized it's intended to be double sided?Can I simply connect all the grounds to a ground plane and hook that to the ground pin of the UNO?

    I'd like to etch this, can you provide the single-sided version of the layout?Alternately, in the existing version, I assume the back is a ground plane? What must connect to it?

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  • How To Make The Mini Metal Foundry

    Substituting quick-crete would be a bad idea.At high temperatures the moisture in quick-crete will boil and expand which may cause explosive cracking as the pressure finds its way out.The mixture listed in the instructable is designed not to have this issue.

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