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  • Making An LED Illuminated Oak Bluetooth Speaker

    Love this design. Roughly 70% done making my own; only with slight differences. No battery and it's slightly smaller and narrower - built for 3 inch speakers with a cheap 12v BT stereo AMP. Rather than have a flat back, I've carved two bevelled domes and have a 12v female socket in the centre for the power supply. Also using a 12v to 5v stepdown for a 5v LED light strip. Got all parts from ebay, just waiting for the speakers and the angel switch to arrive (all on the slow boat from China I'm afraid) then I can finish the front. Looks sweet so far and sounds great (tested using two old 1.5 inch speakers.)Can't wait to get this one finished so I can move on to make bigger, better variants of it. Cheers and thanks for the inspiration :)

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