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KillerPanda7 years ago
Starcraft=the best game ever
not sure about starcraft ghost though, just the RTS games.
Starcraft 2 beta came out!!!
SC-Ghost (author)  KillerPanda7 years ago
StarCraft Ghost never came out. I just like the Ghost unit in the RTS game.
oh... i feel stupid. The ghosts are pretty fun to play with and they will be even better in sc2 as they will have the ability to call down a drop pod with eight marines
SC-Ghost (author)  KillerPanda7 years ago
I sure hope StarCraft II is a good game. They seem to have spent plenty of time on it.
They've delayed it to November third when I last checked at Gamestop. That's over a full year of delays since they announced it's original release date! I hope that they at least make the holidays.
SC-Ghost (author)  KillerPanda7 years ago
I would rather they take more time than less time.
True, but its already been over ten years since they released the Brood War expansion pack, so it would be nice to have some new material. I hope it can stand up to the high expectations set up by its successful predecessors.
definetly should be, but some of the new units will probably be very cheap
SC-Ghost (author)  Sturmgewehr447 years ago
Cheap as in noob?
you mean "noobish", and yes.
when did the beta come out?
pwning n00bzorz is teh best. You should make an instructable on how to pwn a n00bzor
You got pwnt like a n00bzor! h4h4h4h4!!!!1!!11 Wassup s( 6/-/()57?

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