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I see some ppl say they have used whipping cream instead of the heavy cream... how do i do this? do i let the whipping cream warm up to room temp? i'm in corpus christi tx and non of the stores here carry heavy cream! So i need to find another way!

BtW SFHandyman i watched ur video orginally on youtube and it was great!

ty everyone in advance!
ibeschieru4 years ago
Hi Mr. SFHandyman. I hope you enjoy the little video that my kids and I made based on your LeGummies brick shaped gummy candies instructable.
Here is the link: https://vimeo.com/36217289
SFHandyman (author) 7 years ago
Spudnuts7 years ago
Um, hello. I commented on your LeGummies Instructable with a question and I didn't hear back. Sigh. So, I thought I'd try to contact you one more time. I'm going to PM you also because anything worth doing is worth overdoing! Actually, I'm just really desperate for the information! Here's most of the comment: I bought my kids a couple of the actual Lego silicone molds for Christmas so we could make chocolates. They LOVE them! We have a freezer full of Lego chocolates right now! However, I got to thinking how much more they would love it if they could actually build with them and my dad showed me this site! So, one of my sons has a birthday coming up April 3 and I'm going to make him one of these molds as he's an absolute Lego FREAK! I thought it would be a great b-day gift! Well, that and some Lego Miners! Heh. He wants to be a Lego Designer! Seriously. Here's my problem though: I've been trying to find the mold making stuff you used and I'm not sure they're offering it anymore. Or perhaps they've changed the product number? I can't find it on their site. The only other thing I can find that is food grade is in a dough consistency and I'm not certain that's going to work as well. All that to ask if you have any idea where I can find the mold making supplies I need! I'm so excited about this and want to get everything AT LEAST ordered so I can give him this as a gift. Even if we make the mold together, that would be great, too! Can you point me in the right direction? He would be utterly THRILLED to have this! Thanks for your help and for posting such a great project! This is really cool! You rock!
SFHandyman (author)  Spudnuts7 years ago
Thanks very much. I'm surprised that you didn't get a reply. If you read through the comments, you can see I try to answer each and every comment, even if I'm answering the same question for the 5th time. The answers you are looking for have already been answered in the comments a few times. I haven't tried anything but what you've already read in the Instructable. Other folks have tried different techniques and tell about their experiences in the comments. Read through the comments and see what other folks did. The Instructable says and the comments reiterate: The food grade silicone is not on the website but it is available. You just call them and order it and they will ship it to you. Some people tried the clay type silicone and thought it worked well. I haven't tried it so I can't vouch for it. I don't really know how well the bottom lego tray that makes the holes, would work with chocolate. You might need to duplicate it in Silicone. One commenter tried chocolate and didn't have any luck. They said it cracked. Maybe using molding chocolate would work. I don't really know for sure. Chocolate also melts below body temperature so handling it to build with it might be difficult. Sugar artists wear cotton gloves when working with chocolate to keep their warm skin from touching the chocolate and leaving fingerprints. I've wanted to try it also. It seems fun. I wish I had such a cool mom! Thanks again, and have fun.
RE: You improved my Instructables. You sent a comment and used Subscript formatting. I was so curious about how you did that I started searching out formatting. I found out about headlines and asterisks, subscript,... I went back and reformatted my currently active Instructables and they are so much easier to read and understand. Your comments are Instructables also!

Your welcome!

I didn't reply to your comment on my orangeboard because I'm currently cleaning it up.

If you want to know anything you have seen on Instructables, like formatting and stuff, I'll be glad to help!
mjarthur7 years ago
i saw on another instructable that you make your own soda, hope you make an instructable for it soon, hint hint ;)
SFHandyman (author)  mjarthur7 years ago
I promise I will. When I saw that huge number of cans and bottles that the US uses, I knew it needed to be done right away. Thanks. I'm glad you are interested too.
SFHandyman (author) 7 years ago

3d Instructables Robot in SketchUp=

I made him in SketchUp

SketchUp is a free 3d modeling program from Google. Download it and play with it. (it isn't jointed or anything - YET)

Feel free to download him from the 3d Warehouse:

Instructables Robot in 3d