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harpuia7 years ago
how bout tomorrow after school?
SG1Oniell (author)  harpuia7 years ago
I'm Eastern standard time so we have to figure out the difference first.
3:30 here is like 4 or 5:30 there. it is 3:40 now, wanna play? Now?
SG1Oniell (author)  harpuia7 years ago
sorry, couldn't, my parents were around, although today is good, or it should be, same time can my brother play too?
harpuia8 years ago
hey, this is harpuia and i am wondering about the SG1 gaming clan. I like Halo, stargate, starcraft, and a lot of other games but what do i need to do on the site after i sign up?
SG1Oniell (author)  harpuia8 years ago
nothing, most clans want you to be active in the forums but you don't have to do anything on the site unless you want to. You do have to check it everynow and then for upcoming events such as tournaments, practice and matches for certain games.
When I message Savage or Tretre they are always in private matches in Halo 3 And I can't ever get a hold of them. So R U going to send me a friend request?
you mean brawl?
SG1Oniell (author)  harpuia7 years ago
hmm? I sent you my friend code for brawl.
yes you did so? you on?
SG1Oniell (author)  harpuia7 years ago
will be soon, possibly tonight, I may be un grounded, what was yours again... i forgot.
SG1Oniell (author)  fib3roptix7 years ago
I'll have a member send it, I don't have a 360 yet, unfortunately, when I move out I will though.
harpuia7 years ago
if your asking i don't have x box 360
fib3roptix7 years ago
Yo! just Anthrax11 again. Just wondering, what is yer gamertag SG1Oniell? You can private message me it plez on just send me a friend request. I'll be on around. Say 7:10 pm on easter.