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lindarose923 years ago
Your projects are amazing! And the fact that you love Pixar and Disney is a "plus". I fell in love with Pixar after watching a documentary about it last year...I thought that must be the funniest place to work in!
SHIFT! (author)  lindarose923 years ago
You are too kind! And yes PIXAR is awesome and funny.
iceng3 years ago
Now I understand your avatar :-O)
 Since your assist to Amanda's 9V Ible recently..

canucksgirl4 years ago
Thanks for the follow... I hope you'll like my projects :)
SHIFT! (author)  canucksgirl4 years ago
Most Definitely! I hope you like mine too ;)
I already do. The "Man-Eating Wreath" is hilarious!
Win Guy5 years ago
Hi, SHIFT! Wow, were you at the San Mateo, CA 2011 Maker Faire?!? I was there! I can't imagine how I could have missed you. I love all of the Disney • PIXAR films except two.
 Anyway,I had a lot of fun there! I was able to visit the Simple Bots booth (Courtesy of Randofo) and the main Instructables booth (Where I had a chat with scoochmaroo). Where were you located at the Faire? I wish I could have seen your stuff.
  Win Guy
Thank you very much for the added stickers! They now decorate our workshop in various places :) We're glad you liked it -- a lot more people seem to be interested in it than we thought... we're just happy we helped make somebody's day ^_^
splazem5 years ago
Congratulations of becoming an Instructables intern! What a job... keep up the good work!
SHIFT! (author)  splazem5 years ago
Thanks Splazem, I'm really ecstatic.
happyjo5 years ago
Thanks for joining the "Adventure Time" group!
SHIFT! (author)  happyjo5 years ago
Yes, I'm hoping it will be totally Mathematical!
happyjo SHIFT!5 years ago
Hamacow, yeah!