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SYMEN (author) 3 years ago
Man, it's been awhile. I wonder if people still do k'nex?
Dude, you are back!
Where are you?
DUDE? WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Hey bro, where are you? Hows life? Oh, and how is that bow coming along? (XD, that last part made it seem as if that is all I wanted to know)
Hi there! I wish you a merry Christmas, and a spectacular New Year!
SYMEN (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
I'm a little late, but thanks! I posted my gun just now if you want to go build it. Keep in mind it's not the new one, it's the original. I'm still working on the v2. I hope your Christmas and new year's was nice too!! :)
No problem. I saw the gun, it's still nice. I like the trigger mech
And thanks =)
SYMEN (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
You're welcome! ;)
Thanks for the sub :D
SYMEN (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
You're welcome!
symen i am almost done with the full auto gun
SYMEN (author)  knex monster3 years ago
Awesome news. Can't wait to see it. :)