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  • SabrinaV10 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Glow table1 year ago
    Glow table

    Hi Mike. I'm going to do a concrete layer on my dining room table. I love the look of this glow in the dark method. So I was thinking of making random channels/grooves in the cement before it dries and adding the glow in the dark element. Also, I would like to do more of a cobalt blue, but the brand you recommend has a purple/blue selection, not just a cobalt blue. It sounds to me like you would need to use more of the pigment to get to the blue side of the product. Do you have any knowledge of the color application, or should I try to find another brand that carries a cobalt blue color? My dining room has windows on 2 sides, would that be sufficient light to activate the glow? Do you think my ideas would work with the cement?

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