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zakamooza4 years ago
Hi i like that steampunk thingy in your picture,what is it ?
SacredDemon (author)  zakamooza4 years ago
Its a 4GB USB Flash drive that i made using old copper piping from my house and a cheap Flash drive from a local Staples store. ^_^
i always wanted to do shogun shell flash drive mod, do you have a tutorial about yours ??
SacredDemon (author)  zakamooza4 years ago
I didn't happen to make a Tutorial about mine, however i know there are a few on this site i have come across. Just search "Steampunk flash Drive" and i'm sure you'll find what your looking for.

Also a Shotgun shell flashdrive should be pretty simple to create, the only problem with one would be taking note of where the drive plugs into your computer. The problem with my steampunk one is that its too big for some of the recessed front USB plugs found on various computers. So just take that into consideration when making a flashdrive mod.
yeap, ive already thought about that too,Thanks!!
to make a shotgun**