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  • Saltidae made the instructable Quick and Easy Office Chair Fix1 week ago
    Quick and Easy Office Chair Fix

    Yours is a slicker easier fix than mine was. I used sheet aluminum scavenged from an army warehouse wall to brace the bottom and a screw or two for the top. It was still in one piece when I went back two years later. The grinder was for trimming the edges of the aluminum. ( I was beyond caring about aluminum stuck in the grit )

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  • Saltidae commented on mr electro's instructable Fixing a Laptop Adapter1 week ago
    Fixing a Laptop Adapter

    Thanks for the hints. I've replaced blown caps in power supplies before, but not for a 'brick' laptop adapter. I have a couple taken apart, and was about to give up on them. I'll give the repairs another shot. Tracing and repairing broken leads has worked in the past, but knowing which component is shot stumps me. With hard to access caps, I've sometimes destroyed the blown capacitor, left the leads in the board then soldered to the stumps.

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  • How to Retrieve NMR Samples That Are Stuck Inside the Magnet.

    Great idea! Not all of us have spectrometers, but think of the times some fiddly little non magnetic object has fallen into a hard to reach spot. I've added it to my "to make" list. As it happens, I saw something very similar in a catalog recently. I'll post the location if I run across it again, and no, it wasn't a snake catching stick or the glorified 3 pronged pickle grabber. ( I already have several of those )

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  • Saltidae commented on ModMischief's instructable Vault Door Wedding Invitation1 year ago
    Vault Door Wedding Invitation

    I'd forgotten about this one. I had the mice in mind. The picture looked brighter when I took it.. but the backdrop of a fossil and Opa's book end might have been distracting. It was an AWESOME wedding!

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  • Saltidae commented on YuKonstruct's instructable Steampunk Airship1 year ago
    Steampunk Airship

    The creativity that comes out of Whitehorse never ceases to amaze me! Do I see a small figure with a yellow helmet at the helm of the ship?

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