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  • SamE51 commented on HackerBoxes's instructable HackerBoxes 0009: Virtual Worlds1 year ago
    HackerBoxes 0009: Virtual Worlds

    I actually walked around the house plugging this thing into various computers just to see if it worked. It did.

    I dont like the fact that the tutorials dont address the 3.3v verses 5v dilemma, Apparently you can program in 5v mode, and the output pins operate at 5 volts when using the instructions. (I checked with a voltmeter) Both the MPU-9250 and HC-05 are rated for 3.3 volt logic levels. I understand the Arduino's inputs will tolerate this variance but I think it is bad practice to infer that all devices will interoperate between 3.3v and 5v levels.

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