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  • SamSoul commented on nviradia's instructable LCD dispaly on Arduino UNO1 year ago
    LCD dispaly on Arduino UNO

    lcd.clearLine(num) with 'num' as number lineex : lcd.clearLine(2) -> this will blank line 2 by writing spaces to the entire line. The cursor is then returned to the beginning of the selected line.An other way is to do it 'manually' like this : lcd.setCursor (0,1); // go to the first case of the line 2, lcd.print(" "); //16 spaces -> erase textlcd.setCursor(0,1);lcd.print("new text");==================================================To clear the LCD screen you can use :lcd.clear(); // clear the displayIt will clear the LCD screen and position the cursor in the upper-left cornerOr do it 'manually' by positionning the cursor on the beginning of the wished line and writting spaces.

    yes you can. just control where you put your wire on the Arduino board.10k variable resistor is used to adjust the light on the LCD. It's not mandatory but if you don't choose to use it, you have to change some connections.

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