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  • SammyS1 commented on Naran's instructable [NO CODE] Ultimate Cloud Media Server3 months ago
    [NO CODE] Ultimate Cloud Media Server

    STEP :: on windows computer I managed to see the media folder BUT its empty, where as I did put couplf of songs on the USB stick I connected to Rpi running prota. Also if I try to copy files to the media folder it says ACCESS DENIED. Instructions are incomplete. Please assist and update the tut.

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  • Arduino NodeMCU ESP8266 Based WIFI Smart Strip 4 Relay Switch Board With Raw TCP/IP, Mqtt & Android App

    VERY VERY poorly explained and written article ..... pity. And I am not a noob I have done my own Automation Project with Rpi and 4 channel relay and also with sonoff with tasmota firmware communicating with another Rpi running Home Assistant and MQTT server, and THIS myfriend is the worst tut I have even read. Why I landed up here was because I am planning to another project this time based on NodeMCU and 4 channel relay instead of using Rpi and your article did not help at all ....

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  • SammyS1 commented on jayredge's instructable How to Host Your Own Cloud v2.02 years ago
    How to Host Your Own Cloud v2.0

    apache2-utils will not install from the default installation. For that Do a nano /etc/apt/sources.list (edit sources file to add a new source)Then at the end add the sourcedeb trusty-updates mainThe do a sudo apt-get update.After that runsudo apt-get install apache2-utilsthis will install apache2

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