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  • Sandesh_SP commented on Madrajib's instructable How to Make a Arduino Digital Clock1 year ago
    How to Make a Arduino Digital Clock

    Can any of you help me out even I'm trying with the same with LED's as 7 segment display. I'm receiving the time from internet via esp8266 and want it to display on the LED's. I'm able to get the time but couldn't able to display as each digit requires 7 control and total (7*4) control and the arduino doesnt have that many outputs. This project helps me but im not able to understand it. Could you please help in the common connection and what will be it if we use only LED's as 7 segment

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  • Sandesh_SP followed Madrajib and Ed Marjosef1 year ago
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      • How to Make a Arduino Digital Clock
  • Sandesh_SP commented on Syst3mX's instructable Make a 24X6 LED Matrix1 year ago
    Make a 24X6 LED Matrix

    I'm doing time project with led display like below with hours and minutes only(4 seven segment display). I'm getting time from RTC, I want it to be displayed on the led display , do you have any codes or know how to control each time it increases by one unit. Please share it if you know. Thanks in advance.

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  • Sandesh_SP commented on sspence's instructable Arduino Internet Time Client1 year ago
    Arduino Internet Time Client

    thanks for the reply. Now I'm trying it with Arduino UNO with wifi shield and LED, so that it maybe better visible. Do you by anyways have code for displaying time in LED.

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