• SaraC97 commented on jessyratfink's instructable how to grow cat grass3 months ago
    how to grow cat grass

    This is my cat grass (wheatgrass seeds) 3 1/2 days after planting the seeds. I followed your very easy directions and I started having little sprouts within 24 hrs. I had read lots of directions on different websites about how to plant my cat grass seeds and many sites said you had to soak the seeds for hours and do it again and then plant the seeds after they sprouted. Seemed like a lot of unnecessary time and trouble to go thru...so liking to do things the easiest and fastest way possible I chose your instructions and they absolutely worked!! I used organic soil & seeds from Todd's Seeds and tomorrow I think my cat grass will be ready for a fun time for my little brat kitty Ralph! I don't even care if he happens not to like to eat it...at least maybe he might choose to attack the cat grass rather than my poor house plants!!

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