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  • The BEST chocolate cake ever...that happens to be VEGAN.  I kid you not!

    I made this cake tonight and i'm not sure what exactly i did wrong but i followed the recipe 100%. my cake came out extremely flat and the icing just went everywhere! even after 10 mins of cooling. the tray and saucepan wasnt too big either.i think the issue with the icing was that my bf pointed out i should've used icing sugar, but as im new to baking i didn't know that and the recipe didnt specify.. :( anyway it tasted pretty good. i think if i make it again i'll omit close to an entire cup of sugar because it was SUPER sweet. (personal preference). And possibly use an even smaller baking tray. it looked really nice with gold and silver decorations on it though.thankyou for sharing your recipe!

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