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  • SaulR11 commented on Frans van Buul's instructable Wake-up Ceiling Light2 years ago
    Wake-up Ceiling Light

    The other improvement is security. The Web page the device presents should have an ID and login. This serves to protect your network, keep others from changing your wake up time and keeping multiple lamps from being confused. I want one in each bedroom, even the guest bedroom

    since your lamp is smart, the house power should be always on. Flipping the wall switch should send a signal to the lamp instead of power. This is important as someone might otherwise deposed the lamp. This can be accomplished in two ways: 1. In switch box, splice wire through. Pull low voltage wire pair from switch to lamp which will command the light on or off. Extra work to accept this must done at the controller. 2. Instead of pulling control wire, replace with wireless switch.

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