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  • Add Bluetooth To A/V Receiver Amplifier Within 3 Minutes

    oh yeah. good ole Sansui. I had friends that came back from Viet Nam with them. They were great. so were the speakers. Side note: they would pack the boxes with "candy" from Nam and Thailand. It was very tasty! :-)

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  • The single most effective way to get rid of a sunburn

    What do you mean by "skin cells relishing there"? Also the sentence "So the kill them selves for the greater good this is were the pain comes from." doesn't make sense. at all. So much this could increase the change of cancer." This sentence implies that you already have skin cancer (change of cancer). Not all sunburn gives you skin cancer.If you think you may have cancer, head straight for the Dr. This remedy is for those that just have a case of ordinary sunburn and are looking for quick pain relief.

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