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rc jedi4 years ago
pac, great pic ditto.
domo05 years ago
Oh wow no instructbles my gosh.
koma41947 years ago
RE : "One of the things I did to boost my usb adapter's range was open it up and replaced the on board antenna with some dipoles" can u tech me how to mod Aztech WL230USB-L 54Mbps Wireless 802.11g USB 2.0 Adaptor.. fyi, in my home area have free wifi.. aroung 200 meter from my house...
Scott_Tx (author)  koma41947 years ago
I wouldnt have a clue what your adapter is like
wooddale7 years ago
just noticed your pic and had to comment. Big fan of Niven myself. Keep on protecting.
Scott_Tx (author)  wooddale7 years ago
Of course!