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  • How to Hack a computer atx power supply

    Actually I'm using one of these atx power supply's to power my mobile cb in the house... its ugly.. but all I did was bundle up all the yellow wires and wire them together with all but two of the black wires (gives max amps this way)... then wire the green to 1 of the blacks.. then.. in order to stabilize the current-(my voltage was spiking and falling from 11.7vdc to 13.4vdc)... so I then hooked up a 12 volt auto light bulb into a +5vdc and my leftover long as this bulb is burning (dim).. my voltage is constant at 12.4vdc....some atx supply's may have slightly lower or higher readings.. but instead of a resistor.. i just used a 12v auto bulb and again wired it to the +5vdc side.... works like a charm.. low noise too!

    keep yellow and black wires that you bundle together seperate.. yellow wires are +12 volts and blacks are the ground ... or -12vdc

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