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  • LED Strip Controller w/ LED Amp + Arduino

    Your diagram shows you hooking the 12v and Ground pins to the side of the mini amplifiers and the photo shows the 12v and Ground lines going mysteriously under the RGB LED strip connector to the mini amplifiers.I can't find amplifiers that have connection on the side and I can't figure out from your photos how you made the connection.Can you please clarify?Thanks

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  • The Way To Connect Single Coler Led Strip Lights

    This might be helpful, but because you went and put your advertising logo on the exact part of the picture I am trying to see, I can't tell what the connector is or whats going on in most of the pictures. If this is your version of sharing and helping, maybe Instructables isn't the website for you. This site is not about advertising or copyright protection, it is about open source sharing.Thanks

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