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oRelyTo5 years ago
Screamo music is awesome! :D
Hey, thanks for subscribing! :D May I ask why you're in China if you're Canadian?
Screamo (author)  CamillaLuvzMusic5 years ago
No problem! I'm in china cause i'm 13 so i can't really do anything about it :3
Hows it in maryland?
Awesome! I have some friends who are really into screamo music, like BabyBabyItsFKTIME you should talk to her xD So whats your favorite band?
Screamo (author)  CamillaLuvzMusic5 years ago
:P my favourite band prooobably is ALESANA they are the BEST , you should tell your friends to listen to alesana, best screamo band EVA!!!!
what kind of screamo do you like? like deathcore, or really brutal metal?
Screamo (author)  ducktape.mac5 years ago
Listen to some alesana songs, thats the kinda screamo i like, although i do like Chelsea grin [:
Alright, I will :D The ones that I know they listen to are asking alexandria, breathe carolina, black veil brides, mayday parade (dunno if thats screamo or not) and then probably some others that i cant think of
Screamo (author)  CamillaLuvzMusic5 years ago
Ooh i know asking alexandria, are you into screamo?
not rly...i have nothing against it, just not my type.
Screamo (author)  CamillaLuvzMusic5 years ago
Yeah most people don't like it :P its rare :o -eyes widen-
mary candy5 years ago
if you liked , i wll be glad with your vote
Teii5 years ago
Couldn't help but notice you said you live in China-- are you in Shanghai? International school?
Screamo (author)  Teii5 years ago
Nope im in xiamen and im homeshooled, why doyou ask :)?
lol Im chinese