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  • SeanG43 followed LEDs channel 2 years ago
  • SeanG43 commented on landonairey's instructable Easiest Way To Sync LED's With Music2 years ago
    Easiest Way To Sync LED's With Music

    right you are sir that is definitely the easiest way. and i have already tried that it worked for a minute and then the leds were fried. Im not to upset it was just some cheap 5 dollar ones from oriellys I dont want to ruin my 30 dollar ones from autozone all i want to know is did they not last because they were cheap or does it have something to do with my setup i am running a 1500 w with 2 12" subs. and on a side note if you hook up a led light to the wires behind the head unit you can get the pulses from higher notes. give it a try you wont be disappointed

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