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Hey bro,

I doubt you are still around, but if you happen to see this message, please reply.

I am in the process of making a K'NEX gun replica ebook, and I am planning on featuring multiple of your K'NEX guns in that book. Do you mind if I have them in the ebook? Also, do you mind if I have your user name as the name of the creator?

I must have the answers to the questions above to make my using of your pictures legal.

Haha.. is it too late to give you permission for this? (I know it's been over a year). I just came back to instructable today for a bit of nostalgia, it's been forever since I made anything with knex, I used to enjoy it so much! But if you're still doing the ebook sure you can use any of my stuff.

Thanks for the permission bro, but that idea kinda died out. It is great to see you though bro, I didn't think you'd ever return! What you up to now man?

Ah well, that's too bad, it sounded like a cool idea! I really didn't think I'd be back ever either, but I figured some people would get a kick out of hearing back from me. Well I don't do knex anymore, I've actually got a new hobby, which is driving rc cars (I attached a picture of my newest one). And I've actually started university this past September, so I barely have time for anything besides school lol


It was an idea, that's all. Not necessarily a cool one. =D

All I can say is that it is great to hear from you man! Like I said, I thought you were gone for good, so this is pretty boss... I am now the envy of the rest of the K'NEX community, 'cause I got to talk to you. Yeah, I have a job now, so over the past 4 months I've done very little K'NEXing... kinda sad, but I'm feeling that its time to move on... Maybe.

Cool RC car man, looks pretty cool. Do you build the cars or just purchase and race them?

One more thing man... just so I can say that I have the great Seleziona as a subscriber... would you mind subscribing? LOL, I haven't asked for a subscription in over a year, but I thought I might as well catch you while your around. ;) What'd ya say?

Haha, yeah I guess I used to be pretty well known on here when I was active! Yeah I know what that's like when you really don't have time to do something anymore.

I build and modify them, I haven't got into racing though but that would be a lot of fun. As for right now I pretty much just drive them by myself! Lol

And for sure, of course I'll subscribe! Even if I may not be around to see your future stuff, I'll try and leave a comment or something if I manage to come back again haha.

For now I think I'm going to build a knex gun for old times sake since I'm on Christmas holidays and have lots of time :D If I were to make one of your guns which one would you recommend I build??

Pretty well known? You're too modest... That's good. =D

That sounds awesome man, thanks a ton! It really does mean a lot!

Build one of mine? Hmm... You know... I'm not sure really. I'd probably say go with my AK-12. It turned out really well, and was pretty internally solid... Give me pics when you are done man, I'd love breagging rights!!!

jamesdude3 years ago
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Sharir17014 years ago
i'm just letting a few people know: i'm attempting to host TD's old innovation contest. the contest will be very extensive (hopefully) and will try to apply to all audiences. i hope you check it out. i have a forum topic about it.
You sure do follow lots of random people! XD
Seleziona (author)  PotatoCoffee4 years ago
What do you mean?? Like who? :O
Anything new?
TheRacker4 years ago
Bro you still around? I posted pictures of my bolt action gun now.
Seleziona (author)  TheRacker4 years ago
Ah, I'm not really around.. I'll take a look though!