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    How To Start Your Own Bike Repair Shop.

    It is positive and constructive for people to not get into bicycle repair unless they know what they are doing and have the money to do it properly. I don't support your post.To many people think that it's easy to develop skills to effectively and consistently repair bicycles and this is just wrong. If you think that all you need is a little bag of basic tools and a few spare parts to help CUSTOMERS then you are dreaming. It requires not only years of experience and a lot of knowledge, but MANY more tools than you've got shown. Also it requires thousands of dollars invested in inventory so that you have at least all the basics to fix people's bikes. If you're asking them to order online and bring parts to you, you're helping to put real bike shops out of business, because no real bike shop would encourage online bike part buying for basic parts. If you don't have liability insurance and a commercial location, you've got no business advertising and you aren't going to get any wholesale accounts. The "Anybody can do it" hypothesis is truly specious in the bicycle business. I can't support hacks in every neighborhood starting 'bike shops.' because bicycles improperly repaired are not safe and your low to no overhead is an unfair advantage.You fix bikes for minimum wage? That's unfair to real bicycle mechanics who should make $50-$80 per hour if they are the business owner, at least $20 per hour if not. Frankly, the whole 'by the hour' form of billing works great for big factories but for small bike shops it doesn't. This is a skilled trade requiring capital and commitment, not just something anyone can do. Just like plumbing and roofing.

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