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    PowerBanks  "How it Works"

    My powerbank says it produces 5v and either 1a or 2.1a. I think it is no name. It says it holds 12000 mAh. I have a samsung that has 2550 mAh according to its "about this device" on the phone itself. It takes 6h or more for my phone to charge (according to the phone) when I plug it in the powerbank. It doesn't matter which one i plug it in, it takes the aproximate same time for both 1A and 2.1 A. It didn't use to be this way: it used to take 4.5 hours or so for the 2.1 A, according to the phone. I haven't done any measurements in a scientific setting, I mean I always use my phone while it's charging, but after many many many times having used it, I can pretty confortably say I don't think my fullly charged powerbank can charge my phone from 0 to 100% not even once. More like... from 0 to maybe 40-50% and the powerbank goes to zero. Maybe. Maybe I just use my phone too much while it is charging. I've charged using the samsung's charger and a charger from an iphone. But i only use the socket for the iphone one and the cable from a USB router. The microUSB is slightly different on the cable than what is supposed to into the powerbank: the slightest tough can make connect or disconnect. However the iphone sockets gives 5v 1a, which is what the powerbank wants: 5v 1a. The samsung ones has totally different values. I don't remeber them exactly, but it's a fast adaptive charger for samsung galaxy s6. I think it gives 2 A or more. I've also dropped my powerbank on the pavement several times. Not by choice, it just slipped. So... is my powerbank ruined? If yes, is it because I droped it or because i used the wrong kind of chargers?

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