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March 13, 2016
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  • Control Fleas Naturally with Common Household Items

    I was surprised to see some say that garlic was toxic to dogs. I make my dog food and have always used garlic as it seems to be a very common ingredient in pet food (it's the other stuff I can't stand to feed a beloved family member!). I heard someone talking the other day about salt to kill fleas -- as I am on the Gulf coast too (Houston), fleas are a MAJOR problem. I am terrified of the topicals as my dogs had to be taken to pet ER after having a reaction to some -- BUT, I have the solution for spot treatment. This does not seem to bother my dogs at all (but the fleas to not seem to either, however they still have to GO!). RUBBING ALCOHOL. I put it in a spray bottle (the kind you get in the shampoo isle, buy the empty). I part their hair and if I see one -- I give it a shot of alcohol and 90% of them go belly-up immediately! Some slow down and I pick the off and do them in with another spray, a finger nail guillotine or, usually, I have a bowl of water handy to dunk them in. I keep my dogs short -- VERY SHORT. My Maltese, I keep almost shaved except his head (cutesy "puff"). IF he has fleas, they will be there (on his head) or, under his belly, down low on his private area (WARM, I guess). Same with my chihuahua. Either on her head or top side on her rump (where he hair is thickest, bald on tummy). They both rub their heads in the grass (like on a dead worm or something - go figure), but keeping them shaved all over in the summer (the chihuahua is always cold, so she gets a t-shirt in the a/c) keeps the fleas WAY down. Again, they only seem to hit the hairy areas. I would think that before you start hitting your dog with the alcohol, take care to know whether their skin is raw or sensitive -- you don't want to burn them up. You could do 1/2 and 1/2 water with the alcohol if you have a sensitive pet. My doggies are not bothered at all (they don't like to be wet at all, buuuuut), so I can soak her rump (the wire hair is a bugger to hunt in) and they come out GASPING for air. Watch out, some little sh*&s are tough and will jump! Be ready. Some will escape down the body where the hair is way short and I give them a *HIT* and that second shot pretty much does them in or, at least, slows the down to be picked off. While I am thinking of it . . . I wonder if hydrogen peroxide would do the same thing, or even salt water (since it seems to be their enemy). I am going to start putting the rock salt in the sofa and chair cushions and start doing the salt/vacuum in the carpets. I don't usually have a big problem due to hardwood floors and I ALWAYS give them a thorough going over when they come in from their walks. Usually, if they have picked something up, I find it immediately. With this, I have bee able to keep them under control without using the topicals. With all that said(!) -- don't forget that fleas are not the only enemy! We need heartworm preventative all year! With a VERY mild winter (Christmas was 80!) -- and no freeze -- all pests are going to be BAD this year (they are always bad, but REALLY bad!!! lol).Speaking of pests (and off topic), my neighbor's controlling husband put her dog (she had a growth, no pain, eating and pooping fine, 16 y/o poodle) to SLEEP while she was at work and left it there to be disposed of (because cremation was "an extra charge . . ." Her sister-in-law made arrangements to get the body, but she is devastated and very angry. Unfortunately, they live with his mother as he has been out of work for quite some time (?) and there is no remorse for what was done. Send up a special prayer for "Lucky" and one for her very sad owner. If it had been me, I would have been a widow (and in jail) within five minutes of finding out.Off to fill my cushions with salt!! Thanks for the tips!

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