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April 14, 2016
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  • Shag359 commented on Ninzerbean's instructable No More Roaches6 months ago
    No More Roaches

    Well, it's 3:56 am here in Orangeburg, SC and this grown man is heated. Not much rattles my cage but being startled when opening a cabinet door to the unsightly disgust of a roach looking back at me spooks me for a brief microsecond and before that second is up I'm stomping mad. I just moved here 2 weeks ago and saw 3 in my first 6 days. After unloading half a dozen cans of the most expensive and "longest lasting 6 month treatment" the first week I thought I was in the clear after not seeng anything for the last week. WRONG !!! I'm feeling pretty good after coming across this post. Walmart opens at 5am and I'm headed there now to buy the goods. And one more can. (I need to see at least one more suffer a painful, legs up & kicking death) Thank you so much for the info.

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