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  • ShelleyW7 commented on Ninzerbean's instructable Fabric Printing with Citra-Solv2 years ago
    Fabric Printing with Citra-Solv

    No, not really. I have tried Citra Solv transfers with newspaper onto watercolor paper, and while you can maybe get a blurry outline, it really lacks detail. What you could do: Scan the newspaper and print out on a laser copy-THEN do the transfer. Laser prints work so well!

    I put Citra Solv on a napkin and rub the back of a LASER print and it works GREAT. It's all about the LASER PRINTER! If you do not have one, go to Staples or Office Depot and have them do it.INKJET PRINTERS are the WRONG kind of printer (just in case there's any confusion)

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