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maurice19937 years ago
hello! how you doing? hey, it's my fist days here in instructables, and I like to know other people from here to... give some help and make a friendlyship. may it is possible? if you are intrested, my name is mauricio, I live in Brazil, and I'm trying make my english better, and I have 16 years... if is possible, we can chance e-mails, or msn, if do you accept. I wait a anwser. goodbye, see you later.
Shinta786 (author)  maurice19937 years ago
Hi Maurice, I am Shinta, and I am from Korea. Pleased to meet you. I am not really new to instructables, but I also haven't been here for more than 6 months. We could correspond through instructables. Thanks for mailing Shinta
hello how you going? I am very well, this site is great! a lot of intelligent people, sharing their knowlegdes, this is wonderfull! korea? wow, this is so far... other side of the world! did you already made one of these things we see here in instructables? I made two already, the paper catapult and vertical axis wind turbine(cardboard) it was wonderful! the fisrt place I got the canche of let my mind open and other people don't hate me.. rsrsrsLoL is my pleasure for mailing maurice(mauricio)

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