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  • SiDawg commented on darthwolf's instructable A Simple Bench Variable Power Supply3 months ago
    A Simple Bench Variable Power Supply

    Nice one! I've been doing a bunch of electronics projects too and think ill go down this route. However (and this may be a bit of a n00b question) what's the difference between a -5V connection and just reversing the polarity of a 5V connection? i.e. if I put a multimeter red to red it would read 5V, if i put it on red to black it would read -5V... if voltage is "potential difference" then it's all relative isn't it? Or for that matter, folks suggesting combining +12v with -12 v... if you had two pairs of red/black +12V, could you not just "patch" from red to black and get +24V from the remaining terminals?

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