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  • Sierraadams41 commented on kccunn's instructable Supporting ELL Students 1 year ago
    Supporting ELL Students

    I appreciated how you brought up learning objectives and discussed them in depth under Step 1. I also appreciated the section that addressed what to consider when making a rubric, very valuable information to consider. I also enjoyed the final helpful tips. Especially the tip: To focus more on process and progress than the product.

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  • English Language for Teachers: Conversational and Academic Language, and Code Switching

    The idea of a flipped classroom is a great one! If students view the video at home then we can accomplish so much more in class. That way we can even expand our discussions, activities, in-class exercises and etc. during class to go more in-depth. I think it’s an advantageous approach (assuming students have access to a computer/wifi at home) for ELL’s because they can go at their own pace.

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  • How to Create a Culturally and Lingustically inclusive English Classroom

    I absolutely loved your opening segment, an open-ended and creative introduction allows all types of learners the chance to feel invited to express themselves however they feel comfortable. I enjoy that the activities in this Instructable are visual and interactive for students. I like the word tree activity because it gives students a point of reference if they are looking for parts of speech or other conventions.

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  • Meeting Standards With English Language Learner Students

    I really enjoyed the video component to your Instructable project. I liked how you worked with poetry and I agree that the color coding is a great approach to encourage new ways of thinking. I agree when you all said, “Poetry is a form of self-expression, so give students the chance to explore what this means for themselves.” I appreciate how you said to ask students what works for them? I'd say that's a question that never gets asked enough.

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  • Language, Grammar, and Power: A Crossroads

    I loved the academic language you all used throughout this Instructable! You reference Linda Christensen, Ortmeier-Hooper and several other credible sources we’ve been working with this semester. I appreciate how you wrote questions that make students think critically in Step 3. I think the poster is an awesome way for students to engage with the reading.

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