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onesockwillie11 months ago

go to www.megoosenest.org please

priemarius2 years ago


in your tutorial how to install a touchscreen on raspberry pi (http://www.instructables.com/id/The-LittleBox-Prot... is mentioned at point 22 to select the default configuration .config .. i have this http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00GZCUNQ8/ref=oh_... touchscreen and don't know where i can get the .config ..

please can you help me?

best regards from austria

SilverJimny (author)  priemarius2 years ago
the file is part of the source code. it comes with the download.
hpeñaranda2 years ago
I saw your instructable for the microslice, it looks amazing and I would like to know if you sell the comlpeted model, it is very hard and time consuming getting the parts here in south america.
best regards
SilverJimny (author)  hpeñaranda2 years ago

I'm working towards launching a Kickstarter campaign in the next few weeks. We will have a full kick as one of our rewards.

If you head over to the LittleBox website (http://thelittlebox.co) and create an account I will email everyone to let you all know when we have launched.