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  • Silver_Spurs commented on PhilipM50's instructable D.I.Y Aquarium Stand2 years ago
    D.I.Y Aquarium Stand

    Looks great, But I would not have went with the MDF either. Whenever there's MDF used there always seems to be water accidents, and it expands and falls apart when it gets wet. It's also twice as heavy as real wood. But I do really like your stand and have made a few myself and sold all but 2 of them which are in use with 2 of my Tanks now, but am getting ready to make one for a 80 gallon x high I plan to use in my shop to replace a 55 gallon in there now. We don't have brackets like those corner pieces you used here in Oregon, can you tell me where you got them from? Could have used a little color but any smart guy knows the wife has the final say on stuff like this.. Well most everything really. You left out how you made your curve on the center piece on the stand.

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