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SteveQuinn3 months ago

It looks like you haven't installed the RRD4J addon, see step 3 above (follow all the instructions carefully). Note : you will need to generate some data. You can do this by creating one of the earlier IoT devices in the series. Such as;


Or you could use a timed script with XMLSpy, or a cron job with the pub mosquitto client.

SirMatter (author)  SteveQuinn3 months ago
no it did'nt help, because i even tried to open the demo files , and it didn't work in raspberry, i added all the addons and config files necessary and it didn't open , same message
it even say rrd4j loaded

but it work easily in a pc

any idea how to make pc is the mqtt broker , so i could use MQTT-spy
connected to Computer IP rather than Raspberry
hope you understand me.
Hmmm, I've no idea why you can't get the Mosquitto Broker working on the Pi. Mine installed flawlessly first time and this boot has been up for over two months now without any issues.
I believe you can install Mosquitto for windows, though it looks like you will need to install Cygwin also. See here;


Are you sure you followed my instructions to the 'letter'?
I only ask as I checked my Instructable was correct by building a new broker whilst copy and pasting the text from the Instructable. So I know it works.

Try following my testing instuctions, they are very comprehensive and do work. Check the YouTube videos out.
SirMatter (author)  SteveQuinn3 months ago

I formatted the SD card completely and installed clean version of raspberry (Jessie) and openhab worked fine ,

I opened the link :

as in figure and it show the sitemap , for here it's nice

but when I open MQTT-spy and enter raspberry ip address, then subscribe to /#, I receive 4 message instantly as shown in figure

but when I click on logging switch or set , nothing happen , no message receive or anything