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  • SisterMaryP commented on Ninzerbean's instructable No More Roaches1 year ago
    No More Roaches

    Thank you for this additional advice. I did not even consider gaming consoles, though we did discuss quarantining any irreplaceable kitchen appliances (we have decided to toss the microwave, but not the wine fridge, lol) in an outdoor storage shed away from the house where we can treat them before moving them into the house. We had already been treating our apartment, behind appliances and cabinets, with diatomaceous earth dustings with some success, just not enough to completely eradicate this terrible infestation. I cannot wait to be free of apartment living! Once again, thank you so much for your advice. I never knew how much stress bugs could cause until living here.

    I am so glad I found this page. My partner and I are getting ready to buy our first house. For the past year, we have been battling a major roach infestation at the apartment complex where we presently live. We have been so stressed out about moving and the possibility of taking the infestation with us to our new home. My mom suggested getting some boric acid to take proactive measures, both at the apartment and the new house, but Inhad no clue how to use it. In searching for the best method to use boric acid, I stumbled upon this page. Thank you for the great advice and easy to follow directions. Even though I haven't tried it yet, you and all the commenters, have given me hope that we can finally be free of our six-legged tormentors.

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