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hey instead of buying an expensive airsoft rocket laucher take a bottle rocket and cut off part of a sandwich bag fill it with bbs take a rubber band wrap it around the rocket find some way to aim and fire! send bbs flying evey where
hey i do airsoft to im a beginner i got an ok gun its an xm8 black rare its 260 fps with .2 g bbs i really like it me and my friend have done it a lil only 1on1 ive been trying to make a grenade instead of buying those expensive 1s it hasnt really worked ive gotten really into airsofting i havent found any good places to go though i want to do a thing were theres teams and lots of people wats the fps on ur gun oh and theres a sweet gun on www.shortyusa.com its an svd its 515 fps for 500$ if ur into sniping they got some nice guns on that web site thats were i bought my xm8 get back to me on my account later