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  • How to Convert Medical Scan Data Into a 3D Printable Model (also, Dinosaurs!)

    Several people have written to me asking for CT and MRI datasets. I can not provide you with such data sets for legal and ethical reasons. There are CT scan data sets online might also be able to get human data sets from here but it's probably going to be expensive.Note animal CT scans have no such restrictions.

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  • How to convert medical scan data into a 3D printable model (also, dinosaurs!)

    hi, I am a cross sectional radiographer in the UK. I have successfully created a skull model from an x-ray phantom. I have built my own 3d delta printer and I am involved in developing a new delta printer. I am very keen to get in to bio fabrication. I am very interested in finding medical applications for 3d printing, and working with others interested in this new field. I use GE and Philips MRI scanners at work and GE CT scanner. We also have a vascular fluro room. Please contact me if I can be of any help. I also have a physics degree and programming skills.

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