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knexsniper17 years ago
nice avatar! :P you live in india?
Smokedasphalt (author)  knexsniper17 years ago
lol, thanks! I live in India... Pune!
i see! you like it there?
Smokedasphalt (author)  knexsniper17 years ago
Yeah! its great...! Which state do u live in?
Arizona, nice to be around friends, but summer is not good! I love winter and spring because in spring, that's when track starts! Yay!
Smokedasphalt (author)  knexsniper17 years ago
Out here we have track starting in november... Practice has just started.. Thank God these rains got over, or else we have to run an a soggy ground and wet clothes... Have you ever seen a horse race?? live? I went to watch a derby for the first time today, and man! they run so damn fast! too fast! What stride length! wow!
really? lucky man! was it fun? i think that would be a great experience. november, does that mean fall or winter? late november or early? oops, lol, forgot, that is rainy season for india isn't it? interesting how the floods are so high up! amazing how people walk through that... or maybe crazy! :P
Smokedasphalt (author)  knexsniper17 years ago
yeah it was fun! the rainy season is from June to the end of September... But it gets over early now... "Global warming".. :P And track starts in late november.. that is winter.. and the nationals take place in the end of december or early jan.. We don't have floods in pune.. It happens in Bombay... lol, i've never been stuck in one..
lol, that would be a fun thing to do! nationals take place during winter?! why during such a cold time?
Smokedasphalt (author)  knexsniper17 years ago
its not so cold.. only like 10 degrees F.... India is a hot country! We'll roast if we have competitions in the summer! have you been to India?
of course! i have, but not during the winter, so i don't know how cold it gets there, only during the summer, when it is near boiling temperature! :P
Smokedasphalt (author)  knexsniper17 years ago
yeah it gets damn hot... Practicing is impossible beyond 9am..! so its the off season for athletics...
i see, i can't wait to join track! i just hope these migranes go away in time!