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knexsniper14 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Smokedasphalt (author)  knexsniper14 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
i see that you are interested in track and running! yes!!!!!
Smokedasphalt (author)  knexsniper14 years ago
athletics and football are my favorite..! But i love all other sports also! it must be same with you too, i guess!
of course! all sports are great! are you in college? can't do anything right now tho, head hurts to much!
Smokedasphalt (author)  knexsniper14 years ago
lol... I'll be going to an engineering college next year in august...! Now, i'm preparing for those stupid entrance exams..! :(
lol, did you take the SAT? what were your scores? my god, my head hurts! :P
Smokedasphalt (author)  knexsniper14 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Oh, u must have done great! I haven't taken it yet... What are your best subjects? (math, reading etc)
Smokedasphalt (author)  knexsniper14 years ago
i love physics and reading... Especially electronics.. hate math and chemistry.. whats up with you? Currently i'm writin an instructable on making a Line-following robot...!
really? wow, math, and reading are my best subjects, but i love physics! not old enough to take chemistry yet though :(
Smokedasphalt (author)  knexsniper14 years ago
not old enough??
i mean that i can take it, but im not in that grade yet. i take it in my sophjmore year
Smokedasphalt (author)  knexsniper14 years ago
oh... i really dont know what sophomore year is! I think its the 2nd year of high school... I guess you'll be taking it when you are 18? By the way, hows your head??
lol... "hows your head?" :P funny question anyways, it's fine now, but if i try anything athletic, it hurts like crazy :( you are correct with the sophmore year thing. in my math class, i am 2 years ahead in math, and the sophmores steal my math notebook to copy down the answers :(

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