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  • Snehil1101 commented on mikelllc's instructable EWaste 60$ 3DPrinter2 years ago
    EWaste 60$ 3DPrinter

    Are the parts shown here correct:1. Ramps: Hotend:

    Hey Author! Thats really an awesome instructable. I am a beginner in arduino and never read those tutorial which required use of a 3d printer cuz i cant afford one. But this is realy cheap.I'll start working on it as soon as i can. I dont have any knowledge about the internals of a 3d printer so a few questions:1. Do i need an arduino mega for this one or the ramps is a modified arduino mega?2. Which stepper drivers have u used?3. Which material have u used to print the extruder components and fom what did u got the teflon tube?4. You have written the components needed step by step. Can u plz give the complete list of components?Thanks for ur assistance and really great instructable.

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