• Essential Backcountry Camping Preparation Checklist

    Great job by this author and "My Awesome Backpacking Camp Setup/ Checklist!" by trevorcgrossAs both a long time backpacker and former mounted patrol and CAP search and rescue member I know this information will help keep many people out of trouble. All of us volunteers hope that there will be many new and successful backpackers as a result of both of your excellent posts. It is however unfortunate that Instructables.com blocks downloads for such vital information as you both provided, unless people pay to; "Go Pro." I can see their position about such things as intellectual property surrounding programs and hardware build projects. But, not this type of what at one time would have been considered common knowledge or vital safety and survival information. Not all of today's reads are former military or lifelong scouters like myself. It is with truly heavy heart that this reader because of job loss and hard times may now have to reconsider ever; "going Pro."

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