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I want to know how to make cashew butter.......nao.
motorbreath9 years ago
alright yea i admit im not a perfect speller but im trying to apologize for insulting u i think we should stop insulting each other all together.
motorbreath9 years ago
Hey I realized a mistake I made that you might like to hear. I thought hippoguy34 made that instructable so I insulted it. As it turns out he filed that instructable under favorites but I was mad so I didn't realize it wasn't his. Basiclly some jerk randomly insulted my instructable so I wanted to get revenge I have nothing against gizmomaster or his grape instructable and I have nothing against you and I would like to apologize for my previous comments.
motorbreath9 years ago
Hey dumbass why havent you posted any instructables? Aren't you capable of creating some sort of interesting and useful project? Well you know this site is for intelligent people who have skills to create useful projects.
c this gun shoot over 200ft on my instructables