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Sounds good. Thanks for Nice instructable.

Nice project man.. Great instructable.

Baguettes sounds good. Thanks for the post.

Great instructable. Thanks for following me.

Sounds good. Thanks for following me.

Thanks for following me.. Great contents...

Nice stuffs. Thanks for following.!

JaavarSingh1 month ago

Nice stuffs for breakfast.

i planned on making the bath bomb things for my sister as a birthday present and was hoping to make them peppermint b/c that's her fave smell... i saw your commment about that tho and was wondering what the "levitation" thing meant...? sorry if i'm just not getting it... :-/
SoapyHollow (author)  carminedacat4 years ago
I think I replied in a message, but just in case:  peppermint or any menthol oil will provide a significant tingle...some might say burning sensation to girly bits. :) 
hey my mom loved the chocolate bath melts! THANK YOU SO MUCH AND HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY
SoapyHollow (author)  gallimaufry135 years ago
Oh yay! :) Happy Heart Day to you too. :)
I love your soap and bath bomb instructables, I can't wait until you put some more things up!
SoapyHollow (author)  gallimaufry135 years ago
Thanks! I'm going to try to get "Chocolate Bath Melts" done in time for folks to make them for Valentine's presents. :)