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Sorunome (author) 6 days ago

Oh look, a ball machine!

Sorunome (author) 1 year ago
Do you want the comment trees back?
Do you like the old instructables-comments back?

Are you tired of instructables looking bad on wide-screen monitors?
That and many more can be easily changed now!
Presenting the Instructables Enhancer, it can be found here:

(removed by author or community request)
Sorunome (author)  Gargamel-Knex4 months ago

Hehe, I hope you like it :3

I should update it though, the inline-editor and enhanced comment deleting aren't working currently.

I like it! Thank you very much!


Sorunome (author)  Gargamel-Knex4 months ago

O.O nyan cat

Also, thanks

:D I going to sleep.

njanjanjanjanjanjanja nyan cat 0_o

JM19993 months ago

Can you add a function so you can sort the contest entries?

They have removed most of the buttons :(

Sorunome (author)  JM19993 months ago

Ah, that's a nice idea.
I'll see what I can do. :)

JM1999 Sorunome3 months ago

I found out what happens when you don't save the ponies!

Well actually, my brother did and messed it up before I could see it, he told me what it was anyways!

Sorunome (author)  JM19993 months ago


JM19993 months ago

No way!!

Did you REALLY build everest?!?!? that is my best favourite ball machine ever!

Sorunome (author)  JM19993 months ago

Haha, thanks!

Sorunome (author) 4 months ago

I made a browsergame. It is just normal snake, right? Right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!

Beware, I'm not responsible for broken keyboards ;)

1 point: jeej

5 points: mmm.

8 points: boring,,...

10 points: HUH!?