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Sorunome (author) 1 year ago

Check out Knex Flux, a new general-purpose knex forum!

GWorks Sorunome6 months ago

If I'd join (and I'm considering it), I'm probably going to fill the "Misc" Folder...
But I'd like to see a more suitable name ;) Thinking about a Cyber Knex folder for instance...

Sorunome (author)  GWorks6 months ago

If the need arrizes i'd be more than happy to make a new category :)

I just limited it to these few as it is kinda pointless to have a billion categories with only one instruction in them. Anyways, looking forward to your contributions! :D

GWorks Sorunome6 months ago

Oh, I totally agree with you on that! :)
But that's why I'm focussing on certain topics, like Cyber Knex or Star Wars vehicles/ships. I have quite a few idea's.

I think I'll register later this day ^^

Sorunome (author) 2 years ago
Do you want the comment trees back?
Do you like the old instructables-comments back?

Are you tired of instructables looking bad on wide-screen monitors?
That and many more can be easily changed now!
Presenting the Instructables Enhancer, it can be found here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Instructables-Enhancer-a-userscript-that-enhances-/

I thought right away when I saw your garden that you are from Germany. In Germany stone walls are very poplar. Keep it up!

Sorunome (author)  Big Projects1 year ago

Haha, thanks! We actually just moved there about a year ago and haven't changed the garden much, yet ;)

Pony Power!

Sorunome (author)  Dr MonkeyMan1 year ago

Ponies indeed ^.^

Guten tag! Oh my gosh, you're alrezdy working on another balm machine? Wow. It looks huge!

JM19992 years ago

Can you add a function so you can sort the contest entries?

They have removed most of the buttons :(

Sorunome (author)  JM19991 year ago

After finally finding time looking into it i'm afraid I won't be able to as instructables (for once) actually took care to not be able to output results ordered in a different way :(

And only outputting the ones already added in a different order doesn't make a lot of sense IMO as it are only the most recent ones.

OK cool, I haven't forgotten about it and the contests are going more crazy each month!

Did you hear about the enchanted objects contest?

Sorunome (author)  JM19991 year ago

Wait, they have such a contest? O.O

Yes, they now have the problem of not deciding enough finalists and they had to restart the whole process!