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Sorunome (author) 27 days ago

I made a browsergame. It is just normal snake, right? Right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!

Beware, I'm not responsible for broken keyboards ;)

1 point: jeej

5 points: mmm.

8 points: boring,,...

10 points: HUH!?

Sorunome (author)  Gargamel-Knex27 days ago


35: Ok, I wanne die

40: Why I am not die??

Sorunome (author) 8 months ago
Do you want the comment trees back?
Do you like the old instructables-comments back?

Are you tired of instructables looking bad on wide-screen monitors?
That and many more can be easily changed now!
Presenting the Instructables Enhancer, it can be found here:

(removed by author or community request)
Sorunome (author)  Gargamel-Knex27 days ago

Hehe, I hope you like it :3

I should update it though, the inline-editor and enhanced comment deleting aren't working currently.

I like it! Thank you very much!


Sorunome (author)  Gargamel-Knex27 days ago

O.O nyan cat

Also, thanks

:D I going to sleep.

njanjanjanjanjanjanja nyan cat 0_o

I changed the question to a forum topic, thanks for the tip ;)

Sorunome (author)  sandroknexmaster1 month ago

No problem :D


Sorry i was playing with my Portal Gun- It causes a rip through space and time- sometimes intranet, so thats why theres a random comment here :D
Sorunome (author)  Lego Andrew1 year ago
Erm, that isn't random enough. You didn't beat me. I'm sorry.
You just lost THE GAME

Yeah I can.

Let me tell you Y

Because you see the ladies did not want to dance on his guitar, because the ghost, you see, they Googled him and was sold to the jail, and he became a cop. And Nobama Sin Laden Went on a rampage for purple, because purple was his favorite mo-father. And that's why we never play on the road. Because the bus driver is that same cop.