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Sorunome (author) 7 months ago
Do you want the comment trees back?
Do you like the old instructables-comments back?

Are you tired of instructables looking bad on wide-screen monitors?
That and many more can be easily changed now!
Presenting the Instructables Enhancer, it can be found here:

I changed the question to a forum topic, thanks for the tip ;)

Sorunome (author)  sandroknexmaster16 days ago

No problem :D

Lego Andrew11 months ago

Sorry i was playing with my Portal Gun- It causes a rip through space and time- sometimes intranet, so thats why theres a random comment here :D
Sorunome (author)  Lego Andrew11 months ago
Erm, that isn't random enough. You didn't beat me. I'm sorry.
You just lost THE GAME

Yeah I can.

Let me tell you Y

Because you see the ladies did not want to dance on his guitar, because the ghost, you see, they Googled him and was sold to the jail, and he became a cop. And Nobama Sin Laden Went on a rampage for purple, because purple was his favorite mo-father. And that's why we never play on the road. Because the bus driver is that same cop.

You can't lose Minecraft.
Sorunome (author)  Lego Andrew11 months ago
but you can only loose THE GAME (
Dang, you made me lose. :-(
Sorunome (author)  Shadowman3911 months ago
i make everypony loose the game :P
Nuh Uh! I quit!
Sorunome (author)  Lego Andrew10 months ago
Ragequit? XD


Even me :P
Sorunome (author)  sandroknexmaster10 months ago
Ha, i'm so good at that :D

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